1. What is digital printing?

Digital printing is the process of printing digital-based images directly onto various media substrates, such as paper, fabric, acrylic acid, plastic and other different medias. You only need to provide high-definition PDF or AI and other editable documents, which can be directly sent to the digital printing machine for printing.

As a professional clothing manufacturer, today, we will discuss the application of digital printing in this industry.

2. The application of digital printing on clothing.

There are mainly two kinds of digital printing applications in the clothing industry. The first is digital printing on cotton-based fabrics, and the other one is digital printing on polyester-based fabrics. Before printing, it’s necessary to distinguish the composition of the fabric, because the printing standards and requirements are completely different, and the results are also different.

The printing methods are mainly divided into 3 ways, print patterns on fabrics, print patterns on cut pieces and print on semi-finished products.

Printing on fabrics, the patterns asked by clients which are very big and full of whole products, and the same position of each patterns on each products. The cost is calculated by the meter.

Printing on cut pieces, only for patterns which a width of less than 40cm and height of less than 50cm, is simple and accurate.

Printing on semi-finished products, normally the patterns from body across to sleeves or body to kangaroo pocket, then need to prepare the semi-finished products first. Or else it will be hard to match the pattern if print the pattern on cut pieces.

Therefore, find a professional supplier, like SECXON, and pass your designs and ideas to us, and then we will provide professional suggestions to you.

3. When to use Digital Printing?

Due to the high cost of digital printing, it is not recommended to use digital printing under unavoidable circumstances. Then if there are any of the following cases, the digital printing process can be considered.

3.1. Gradient Effect

To achieve a good gradient effect, digital printing must a good choice. Even the fine screen printing, the outcome will be dotted, when batch order, if the screen pattern not clean enough then the effect on each products will be unstable. Heat transfer printing with good effect, but the printing position will be stiff and stuffy, and will not feel good when wearing.

3.2. Over 5 Colors on 1 Pattern

Multiple colors and in a fixed position, need digital printing to make it accurate and in high quality, and it can reduce the cost of sampling of printing. Because the sampling cost of each colors of screen printing will be 100RMB, and print each colors one by one, precise and accurate for the positioning, or else the number of defective products will be high.

3.3. Big Pattern

When patterns is big, big to across to different parts, across to sleeves, collar, kangaroo pocket, digital printing must be needed. If using screen printing or heat transfer printing on cut pieces, when sewing, the patterns will be hard to math.

4. Why choose digital printing?

Compared with screen printing and heat transfer printing, digital printing has advantages in other aspects except high price. For example, the advantages of digital printing include low order quantity, better breathability, with no effect on fabric, high fastness and small limitation on designers.

Therefore, clothing brands that require high flexibility and large pattern designs can choose digital printing without hesitation.

5. Why are the quotations with such big differences from different suppliers?

The price of digital printing is determined not only by the size of the patterns, but also by the machines and inks.

5.1. Chinese Digital Printing Machine

Most garment factories in China use domestic printing machines, which have the advantage of low maintenance costs and low printing costs compared with the international top printing machines. However, there is a certain difference with Kangli, Brother and other machines in terms of the colors, fineness, fastness and feel of the pattern. If the requirements are not too high or the budget is limited, it can be considered.

5.2. International Top Digital Printing Machines

Kangli and Brother are internationally recognized digital printing machines. Like SECXON, some domestic suppliers can provide high-quality digital printing. The patterns printed by this machine are bright in color, delicate in feel, soft in feel and have little impact on the feel of the fabric. The cost of printing is generally more than twice as the domestic machine, with higher costs.

5.3. Inks

Because of the high standard of export orders, 90% of manufacturers in China use imported inks, so the price of inks is almost the same.

Therefore, you can decide whether you need to decide whether you want your clothes with the highest standard according to your specific requirements and positioning. If you are targeting middle-end quality, you can use the digital printing machine independently developed in China to meet your requirements.

To sum up, the application of digital printing technology in the clothing industry will develop better and better over time. With the continuous updating of digital printing machines and the accumulation of industry experience, more and more brands will be favored.